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by Pup-Pee Solutions/Pet Loo on Feb 27, 2013
“Fresh Air Litter eliminates fecal and urine odor, and odor-causing bacteria. Its patented Odor Eliminating Pad prevents bacteria growth and does not require the removal of clumps. It does not contain silica dust and contains proprietary syrup that coats the litter to minimize dust. Its granular size is developed to minimize tracking.…”

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“Cesar Millan, dog behaviorist and star of the television series, Leader of the Pack, debuted a line of pet products at Global Pet Expo 2013. The line embodies his philosophies for exercise, discipline and affection, and adds to his Dog Whisperer branded pet care line. The Brights Line of pet…”
“American Pet Products Association senior vice president Andrew Darmohraj says thank you to everyone who exhibited at and attended Global Pet Expo 2013.    …”
“Bayer Animal Health's Dan Peizer discusses the launch of Seresto, an eight-month tick and flea preventive in an innovative collar form for both cats and dogs.…”
“Multipet International's Leslie Yellin and Adam Katz talk about two of the newest additions to the company's lineup of pet toys.…”