by Curt Nuenighoff on Nov 30, 2009
“It is already time to consider planning the pond department for the 2010 season. If the store hasn’t incorporated a pond department in the past, consider starting one now. For customers, the benefits are endless–ponds offer relaxation and a welcome haven in the backyard. Additionally, ponds help support the environment and are a great way to relax and reduce stress.If a store has a smaller pond department, it may be time for an expansion. A…”

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by Curt Nuenighoff on Nov 1, 2009
“Pond fish are sensitive to a variety of factors that can weaken immune systems and make them susceptible to disease, such as water quality and nutrition. For example, raised pollutant levels (i.e. ammonia, nitrite and nitrate) and sudden changes (or unsuitable values) of water pH and hardness can have adverse…”
by Curt Nuenighoff on Oct 1, 2009
“In order to attract new customers and keep the regulars coming back, a retailer must create a pond department that is user-friendly and visually pleasing. One way to compete is to build the pond department with existing well-branded point-of-purchase materials and product packaging for an impressive, cohesive look. Remember to…”
by Curt Nuenighoff on Sep 1, 2009
“Historically, speaking about the green side of ponds meant a conversation about pond algae. However, as more Americans are becoming environmentally conscious and looking for ways to conserve energy around their homes, “green” also refers to the ecological benefits of owning a pond.Many households believe it’s important to maintain their…”
by Curt Nuenighoff on Aug 1, 2009
“While pondkeepers may not be thinking about cleaning and closing their pond yet, a retailer’s job is to gently remind them that temperatures are going to drop. And, as the fall weather approaches, retailers should encourage pondkeepers to consider what they will do to care for their pond, plants and…”