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by Ed Sayres on Jul 1, 2015
“It is no surprise that the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) is known for its regulatory and legislative efforts. Our staff works year-round to track and impact proposals at all levels of government that could affect retailers’ bottom line. When I started working at PIJAC almost a year ago, I wasn’t aware of the concentration of legislative resources that were available on our website—and I suspect many members are not aware, either.I decided this…”

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by Bob Vetere on Jul 1, 2015
“Those of us old enough to remember the movie The Graduate know that during the 1950s and 1960s, the most important business you could be in was plastics. It was the age in which just about anything could be made from plastic—milk bottles, children’s toys and even automobile parts. There…”
by Maria Lange on Jul 1, 2015
“For some time now, small dog breeds have held five spots on the American Kennel Club’s “Top 10 Breeds” list. In 2010, the Yorkshire Terrier famously grabbed the No. 2 slot from the all-American Golden Retriever—surely a sign of some kind of revolution.That revolution is not just for show. We…”
by Stephanie A. Kaplan on Jul 1, 2015
“Merchandising is a critical marketing strategy that focuses on displaying products to intrigue customers and increase sales. Effective merchandising encourages shoppers to buy more, return often and share their experiences, bringing new customers into the store.Impulse merchandising positions products to influence customers to make unplanned purchases. These items add significantly…”
by Mark E. Battersby on Jul 1, 2015
“There is a potential storm cloud on the horizon for many pet supply retailers, grooming shops, kennels and other pet businesses that either accept credit or debit card payments, or use those cards for purchases. Ahead lies a so-called “liability shift,” where banks and card issuers plan to shift liability…”