“Nutram Pet Products, a division of Elmira Pet Products Ltd., is launching its balanced and optimized pet food lines in the United States this summer. The company’s team of nutrition experts carefully craft and cook recipes that pair ingredients together for healthful combinations, bolstering the various benefits from each ingredient.    “At Nutram, we believe that a pet’s diet has a fundamental impact on their health, longevity and overall wellness,” said Kirill Tikhomirov, vice president…”

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“Following extensive testing, Spring Naturals’ super-premium line of dry dinners for cats has been certified low glycemic and diabetic friendly by the Glycemic Research Institute. The Glycemic Research Institute is an internationally accredited testing and certification organization.   “Receiving dual approval from this influential organization is very gratifying for everyone involved…”
“Petmate has added five fetch toys to its Chuckit! brand. The new additions include Ultra Sling, Ultra Dart Spin, Ultra Dart Speed, Ultra Dart Rugged, Ultra Dart Float and Ultra Wing.    The Ultra Sling’s elastic band allows for an adjustable range for smaller yards or open parks. It has a…”
“Petstages has debuted one toy line for dogs and two for cats. The Madcap line of dog toys features whimsical canvas and plush toys, perfect for inside play. The line features eight colorful characters that include sound and movement for added fun. The toys are designed for an interactive game…”
“Suitical International has entered its Recovery Suits into the pet retail market. Due to increased consumer demand, the company’s Recovery Suits are now available for pet stores to stock. The animal-friendly solution reduces stress and discomfort, and helps in a quicker recovery.    “More and more owners are moving away from…”