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“      Mark KalaygianEditor in Chief     Showrooming may have finally met its match: Webrooming. Showrooming, the term used to describe the shopping tactic where consumers visit a brick-and-mortar store for product and prices and then buy it for less online, has definitely caused havoc with many merchants across the wide spectrum of retailing. In fact, independent pet retailers may be among the most vulnerable to this trend, mainly because they do not…”

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by Mark Kalaygian on Oct 1, 2013
“    Mark Kalaygian     Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear. Much like the rearview mirror in a car, a business owner’s self-reflection can often provide the viewer with a picture that is, at best, skewed. Being too close to a situation that you are…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Aug 1, 2013
“    Mark Kalaygian   Will consolidation among the pet industry’s distributors end up irrevocably harming independent pet stores? As you will read in this month’s cover story, many small mom-and-pop pet retailers are concerned that distributor consolidation could limit their access to the specialty items that help independents stand…”
by Mark Kalaygian on May 1, 2013
“    Mark KalaygianEditor in Chief       Is there a serious threat with a friendly face lurking in your aisles? Unfortunately, the answer for many retailers is yes. Even worse, that threat may not only be in your aisles, it could be on your payroll. The loss of…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Feb 1, 2013
“Want more Pet Business? Well, you’ve got it.As you may notice even before opening the February issue, Pet Business magazine is sporting a bold, new look that features a bigger format than we’ve ever had before.But is bigger necessarily better? Only if you know what to do with that extra…”