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by Mark Kalaygian on Aug 1, 2015
“In an age when the pet industry is seeing an unprecedented number of famous faces connected with products—and even pets themselves are getting their 15 minutes of fame, thanks to the Internet—it is only natural for retailers to wonder which celebrity endorsement has the most potential to drive sales in their stores. On the surface, this may seem like a complex question, but the answer is really quite simple: Retailers themselves are the stars that…”

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by Mark Kalaygian on Jun 30, 2015
“After spending several weeks exploring just about every facet of the Mud Bay retail operation, I came away with one burning question. Can they please open a store in my neighborhood?Of course, there is little chance of that happening anytime soon—if ever—given that I’m on the opposite coast from the…”
by Mark Kalaygian on May 28, 2015
“Just about every pet retailer is trying to devise a winning strategy for engaging Millennials, but will doing so require them to move away from the brand equity they have worked so hard to build with shoppers over the years? The answer just might lie in the outcome of the…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Apr 27, 2015
“The pet industry may be on the brink of a new round of consolidation, and this time the result could have dire consequences up and down the supply chain.Of course, this industry is no stranger to mergers and acquisitions. Several years ago, it saw a significant amount of M&A activity…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Mar 30, 2015
“Is Walmart paying its employees better than you are paying yours?For the sake of your business—and your staff—I hope not. Walmart made big news in February when it announced that it would increase the entry-level wages of its store associates to $9 an hour this month and up to $10…”