by Pamela Mills-Senn on Jun 30, 2015
“Dog apparel has traditionally been associated with amusing or adorable costumes for small dogs—which, thankfully, is still a trend—but a serious, more practical side to this category has emerged recently, and pet owners are fully on board. It should come as little surprise that today’s pet parents are looking for more from dog apparel than cutesy designs, and this demand has unleashed the imaginations of dog apparel manufacturers, many of which have come out with…”

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by Dorothy Crouch on Jun 30, 2015
“Searching for pet food that is healthful, flavorful and free of unnecessary ingredients can be a daunting experience for pet owners when faced with the seemingly unlimited options that fill pet specialty stores.Yet, despite the array of new specialized pet diets on the market these days—organic, grain free, limited ingredient—protein…”
by Nora Caley on Jun 30, 2015
“Few things in life are sweeter than baked items—now, make that a gourmet baked food, and it is all the better. Just as humans enjoy baked and gourmet foods, so, presumably, do dogs and cats. Manufacturers say these treats are more popular than ever as pet owners seek small extravagances…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on May 28, 2015
“Just as parents enjoy spoiling their children by showering them with toys, dog owners often want to pamper their pooches, making the pet toy category dynamic and profitable for pet specialty retailers. The market offers a wide range of dog toys, including interactive, pull and chew toys—and all have their…”
by Pamela Mills-Senn on Apr 27, 2015
“It might seem that dog bowls make for a pretty straightforward category—perhaps even a little boring—but manufacturers are energizing the category by offering a vast variety of dog feeding and water bowls that can help jazz up a store’s assortment, merchandising and sales.Bowl manufacturers are expending all manner of creativity…”