by Melissa Breau on Mar 1, 2015
“While dogs have long been constant companions to their on-the-go owners, for many years, cats were left behind.  Although considered family members, cats were viewed as homebodies, with a reputation for being such poor travelers that many owners kept even veterinarian visits to a minimum.  But this is changing. “With public awareness [through programs] like Animal Planet’s Cats 101 and the popularity of cat videos, people are letting go of old assumptions about cats and…”

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by Melissa Breau on Feb 1, 2015
“Cat grooming products have come a long way in the last few years, says Debbie Guardian, founder and president of Opie & Dixie, which manufactures all-natural organic and vegan grooming aids. However, a few years ago, sales of the company’s cat shampoo were so slow, Guardian discontinued the product, thinking…”
by Melissa Breau on Dec 29, 2014
“There are really only two times in the life of a cat that retailers can sell healthcare and supplement products—before a cat gets sick and as a potential remedy or treatment once the cat is exhibiting symptoms. In other words, these products can be useful any time in the cat’s…”
by Melissa Breau on Dec 1, 2014
“Catnip, in its various forms, is growing in popularity as pet owners become increasingly savvy to the many benefits it offers. In fact, the catnip category has taken a seat next to food, litter and other cat supply essentials in the cat aisle, and it has certainly become an indispensable…”
by Melissa Breau on Nov 1, 2014
“In recent years, pet owners have developed a growing interest in feeding and treating their pets with the animals’ evolutionary heritage in mind—and that has led to astounding growth in the natural category. But despite customers’ increased focus on ensuring kitty is getting all the nutrients nature intended, many of…”