by Jennifer Boncy on Mar 26, 2015
“    We are deep into spring break season and well on our way to the eagerly anticipated summer months, and retailers and manufacturers in a variety of categories are gearing up to showcase their travel-related products. From posh swimsuits to luggage and sleeping bags and bug sprays, merchandised designed for vacation travelers is diverse and abundant.   And make no mistake: pets are very much part of the equation.    Not to sound like…”

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by Mark Kalaygian on Mar 23, 2015
“This year, my family and I are celebrating National Puppy Day the right way—with a nine-week-old Lab mix, named Bella, who we just adopted from a local animal rescue. We couldn’t be happier.Last week, my wife, children and I went to Save a Pet in Port Jefferson, N.Y., finally ready…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Mar 12, 2015
“Apparently, reports about the death of print advertising are greatly exagerated. At least that is what I read in an interesting article from yesterday's Wall Street Journal. The story, entitled "Retailers Can’t Shake the Circular Habit," discusses how—despite the advent of the digital age—many retailers still heavily depend on old-fashioned…”
by Mark Kalaygian on Mar 10, 2015
“Odyssey Pets, Loyal Biscuit Co. and Kriser’s Natural Pet took the top honors at the fourth-annual Retailer Excellence Awards presentation, which was sponsored by Coastal Pet Products. The awards ceremony was hosted by Global Pet Expo and Pet Business magazine. The Retailer Excellence Awards recognize outstanding independent pet specialty retailers in a…”
by Jennifer Boncy on Mar 9, 2015
“  The dark cloud that was the recession seemed to be a distant memory on the Global Pet Expo show floor, as optimistic manufacturers welcomed thousands of retail buyers on the hunt for new and innovative products that will wow their customers.   In fact, many manufacturers expected to leave…”