National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

While some people are still obsessing over What Does the Fox Say?, we think it’s time to move on to another animal. Conveniently enough, today is National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day—a holiday designated to get pet parents to consider what their cats need and what they might be thinking. 

You and your cat have been cohabitating for awhile now; you've seen each other at your worst, you’re painfully aware of each others idiosyncrasies, you may even talk to your furry friend, but it all seems so one sided. Sure, your cat brushes up against your leg every once in awhile, may even purr, but that tends to coincide with an empty food bowl or a round of petting. Long story short, odds are that your cat is anything but an open book. You probably routinely find yourself wondering what he's thinking; so, your cat must have a question or two for you, right?

Take the day and think of different questions your cat might like answers to; maybe they’re wondering why you’re always looking at other cats on the internet or why you aren't as intrigued as they are with boxes. Maybe their questions are more hard hitting—like who is this Professor Daniel Mills of the University of Lincoln and why is he claiming in a recent study that cats don't love their owners?

Cats are naturally independent, but that doesn't mean they don't have a lot going on inside. It’s your job as a good pet parent to stay up on issues that may concern them; take a closer look at what you've been feeding them, make sure their area of the house is maintained, maybe buy them a new toy. Even if you can’t have a full on conversation you may be able to answer their question by simply considering your cat.