Vanderpump's Rule: Kindness is Always in Style

Lisa Vanderpump is restaurateur, philanthropist, author, actress, and television personality known for her roles on Dancing with the Stars, Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The beautiful Brit is also known for lavishing her lovable dog Giggy with attention; viewers can now rest assured that she still has plenty of love in her heart for other animals out there. 


Vanderpump took to Twitter on Tuesday after coming across a cat that had been run over and left in the middle of Tower Road in Beverly Hills. She picked the cat up and brought him to a veterinarian for emergency surgery. Sadly, the cat—who suffered brain damage and lost an eye—had to be put to sleep. Vanderpump thanked the VCA Animal Hospital where she took the cat, as well as “the vet who cried as much as she did" in her tweets. She also cast shame on the person who hit the cat and did not stop.


Several hours later, the reality TV star was clearly still appalled as she tweeted, “Thought of the day As some people lack morals,ethics,if you hit a pet and flee the scene,without taking it to a vet,should be made illegal.” Not that it matters where the crime took place, but the street view on Google maps shows Tower Road as being a small dead-end street where one could have easily stopped to check on the animal. 


I completely agree with Vanderpump. The dog of someone I grew up with was the victim of a hit and run; the driver sped off and left the dog with a broken back. While they were able to save his life, he had to be fitted with a doggy wheelchair. I simply cannot fathom how someone can injure a living thing like that and just keep driving. Thankfully for every cruel person like that, there is a Lisa Vanderpump doing what she can to make things right.