Carrie Underwood Cleans Up at Animal Shelter

Just when you think squeaky-clean country singer Carrie Underwood can’t possibly get cuter, she goes ahead and does something like volunteer at an animal shelter. The singer recently posted several pictures and a Vine video from her time at the shelter on Twitter.

One lucky dog named T-Rex was one of Underwood’s favorites and had the honor of cuddling with her for the first photo she posted. The second picture shows Underwood leaning down to receive a lick from one puppy as another bites her scarf and the rest of the pups crowd around her like so many fans, their furry faces pressed to a chain-link fence. In the third and final photo, Underwood cradles an armful of adorable little puppies with the caption, “More cuties!!! #ShelterDogs #volunteering #Adopt.” Each of the three puppies is cuter than the next, and their adorableness is amplified by Underwood’s smiling face above them. If that isn’t an endorsement to adopt, I don’t know what is.

The Vine video is good for a laugh, too; Underwood kicks it off with the caption, “Spent the last couple days volunteering at an animal shelter. Lots of puppies = lots of poop! much ...” In the video she looks into the camera and says, “Been cleaning pens at the animal shelter all day” then switches to a shot of the shoulder of her sweatshirt and says, “How’d I get poop on my shoulder?!” I’m pretty sure that if you volunteer at a shelter and walk out as clean as when you came in, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Thankfully, Underwood has no problem getting her hands dirty for a good cause. Great job, Carrie!