GloFish Celebrates 10th Anniversary

GloFish, the brand known for fluorescent aquarium fish, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. GloFish allows customers to "experience the glo" of fluorescent fish under white, black or blue lighting.

"We are proud to celebrate our 10-year anniversary and mark the positive impact we continue to make on the ornamental fish industry," said Alan Blake, CEO of GloFish. "As we recognize this occasion, we are very grateful for the opportunity we've had to work with so many leaders in our industry to build a new category of fishkeeping. We are especially appreciative for the tremendous effort made by our exclusive producers, 5-D Tropical and Segrest Farms, who have contributed greatly to GloFish's success."

Within a decade, the brand has grown from a single line of red fluorescent fish to 10 lines, six colors and three species. Additionally, GloFish has expanded its retail presence to more than 7,000 stores across the U.S. The company has also partnered with United Pet Group exclusively to market more than 70 complimentary products for its fish, including aquariums, LED blue lighting, plants, decor and gravel.

Originally developed to help fight pollution, a portion of the proceeds from GloFish sales directly supports research at the labs where GloFish were originally created. To honor this heritage, GloFish has introduced its Clean Water Grant and will offered $50,000 in grant funding to support clean water-related charities serving communities around the world.