Coastal Pet Donates Grooming Tools to Ohio Humane Society

Coastal Pet Products donated more than 100 Safari Shed Magic grooming tools to the Stark County Humane Society of Louisville, Ohio.

The company made the donation to thank the shelter for its help in the development of the latest edition of Coastal's Safari Shed Magic De-Shedding Tool, which removes loose hair and stubborn mats or tangles without irritating the dog or cat's skin.

"The shelter provided a perfect setting for Coastal to efficiently groom many different dogs and cats with various coat types with many different Shed Magic tool variations in a short period of time," said Mark Weber, product and program developer at Coastal Pet Products. "The staff at the Humane Society was very helpful. We told them what coat types we wanted to test the tool on, and they quickly brought dogs and cats to an area one by one for us to groom."

Many prototypes were used to groom the animals before the final models were produced.

"This donation is a blessing, and we are very appreciative to have plenty of grooming tools for all the animals," said Eddie Sells, general manager at Stark County Humane Society.