Swift Cat Photobombs New Year's Pic

Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame rang in the new year at her good friend Taylor Swift's house. The two posed for adorable selfies as most girls in their twenties are wont to do.

The picture that Hyland posted to her Instagram account came complete with a photobomb by Swift's cat, Meredith, who was perched on the kitchen counter behind the super-photogenic stars. It really is an expert execution by Swift's furry friend; Meredith is positioned perfectly between Swift and Hyland and looking right at the camera to boot.

Swifties (as the pop stars fans are known) went wild over Meredith's move in the comments; almost everyone agreed that Meredith's photobomb stole the show. Sarah Hyland also tweeted, "MEREDITH PHOTOBOMBED US @taylorswift13!!!!!"

Swift has shared plenty of portraits of Meredith on her own Instagram in the past and fans can't seem get enough of her. Maybe Meredith's New Year's resolution is to become a breakout star on her own.