Kitten Bowl Sneak Peek

Let’s start by admitting that the following blog is really all about the cuteness—the cuteness of baby animals, that is. And let’s not even try to add an inflated sense of tension and drama to the story by mentioning the apparent puppy vs. kitten showdown that will unfold when Animal Planet airs its annual Puppy Bowl and Hallmark Channel debuts Kitten Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday this coming February. Instead, let’s just sit back and enjoy the furry, fuzzy, fun-loving cuteness of it all.

Offsetting the brute machismo and fine-honed discipline displayed by the sporting event they mimic, the Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl will add levity and sheer adorableness to what, for many, is a serious national holiday. Now in its 10th year, Puppy Bowl has grown in ratings over the years. It was particularly well watched this past February when a 34-minute power outage befell the New Orleans Superdome during Super Bowl XLVII, leaving human football players sidelined and upstaged by their furry, four-legged counterparts. Next February, Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl will take a crack at melting hearts with a similarly styled event that will feature a litany of celebrity guests alongside its feline athletes.

While both are sure to have followers, Kitten Bowl has the leg up so far, having released a trailer to get potential viewers feeling warm and fuzzy in anticipation of the big event. Here's the preview: