Season's Tweet-ings

Last week, amongst the catalogues and circulars, I started receiving Christmas cards. As much as I enjoy a well-drawn Santa or snow-scene, my favorite cards are the ones that include pictures. Pets and kids and new houses are often in the spotlight; what better way to share exciting news from the past year than with a celebratory visual?

Celebs want to get in on the holiday photo fun too. Rebecca Romijn recently Tweeted a picture of her and Jerry O’Connell’s family with the caption, “Happy Holidays from all nine of us!!” Their clan consists of twin girls, two cats and three dogs all in matching pajamas—a seriously impressive feat. The photo features the couple’s kids on top of each other on the floor, the dogs sitting in a semi-circle, and the cats looking uncomfortable and a bit disinterested while adorning Romijn’s lap; it’s a wonderfully chaotic family scene.

Including pets in family photos can prove to be difficult (someone should come up with a command for that: sit, heel, stay… pose?), but when the rest of the family is as relaxed as their animals, the result is a happy, if slightly hectic, portrait like this one. When people or pets are too posed it starts to look more like a catalogue than a card and I give kudos to the Romijn-O’Connells for sharing their silliness with the Twitterverse.

I mean, really, how do you not love these two?