"I Am a Very Stylish Girl" (Just Ask My Cat)

Holly Golightly might have been the coolest cat lady to ever exist, so it makes sense that she would serve as the inspiration for a cat-themed collaboration between Diane Von Furstenburg and model/DJ Harley Viera-Newton. The two have teamed up on a limited-edition holiday collection inspired by Viera-Newton’s black cat Marmite and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

In a promotional video for the collaboration, Viera-Newton takes on the role of Harley Golightly, a play on Capote’s ingénue, who window-shops in the Meatpacking District, instead of on 5th Avenue. We see Harley walking down Washington Street wearing the DVF ♥ HVN cat headphones and Circle Fetish Cat Clutch, which retail for $95 and $395, respectively.

In the next scene, Harley throws a holiday party—which we get to see from Marmite’s vantage point—that is every bit as swinging as Holly’s would’ve been. Marmite seems less than thrilled by the revelers rocking around the Christmas tree, but as the video ends, she finds peace in her owner’s arms.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the fashion-forward feline fanatic in your life, this just might be the ticket.