Theo and Beau: Puppy Love

Dogs and babies are pretty much a recipe for adorable. So, when my Facebook feed started blowing up with a picture of a little boy napping with a puppy, I had to investigate.

The boy and the dog—Beau and Theo, respectively—belong to Jessica Shyba, mom and author of the blog Momma’s Gone City. Shyba started her blog in 2009 as a way for friends and family to keep in touch when she and her husband moved their family across the country so he could attend dental school at New York University.

Living in an apartment in New York City, the family wasn’t able to have a dog. Instead, they started their pet family with a goldfish named Bob in 2009, followed by a beta fish named Fred and a cat named Charlie Tuck from the ASPCA in 2011.

Earlier this month, the Shyba family moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area and found that they finally had enough space for the puppy the kids had been asking for since Christmas of last year. After a bit of searching, the family found their dog, Theo (a seven-week-old boxer/shepherd/Labrador retriever mix), at the Santa Cruz SPCA.

Theo is truly a pup, and Jessica remarked at how similar he is to a infant, “He always wants to be near one of us, either in our laps or at our feet.” All three children began to bond with Theo, but then something interesting happened.

One afternoon as Shyba rocked her son Beau to sleep, Theo—also in her lap—followed suit shortly thereafter. Every day since, Theo and Beau have napped together, a display of what their mother calls “the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed.” She started to share these images with the hashtag #theoandbeau on her various social media outlets, and the Internet has gone nuts for it.

The images are simple and beautiful and completely disarming. If you are having a tough day or a weak moment, and you just need to be reminded of all that is simple and good in this world, these pictures will do the trick. A boy and his dog, a story as old as time…

Momma’s Gone City is a lifestyle blog that covers life in NYC and the Bay Area, parenting, travel, and some fashion because when you’re as adorable as Shyba and her family it just wouldn’t be right to keep that to yourself. Seriously, she just seems so lovely. Read any of her posts and try to tell me you don’t want to be her friend.

In the past few days, Shyba has received tons of positive feedback to her “Wishes Granted: Theo and Beau” post. Shyba “has high hopes of doing a little book and donating proceeds to the Santa Cruz SPCA.”

Would you buy a copy? I know I will.