Grump vs. Grouch: A Throwdown for the Ages

Grumpy Cat met Oscar the Grouch, and while the internet did implode as I had predicted, hilarity did ensue.


Returning home from a trip to the West Coast to visit Grumpy the dwarf at Disneyland in California, Grumpy Cat swung by Sesame Street to visit with Oscar the Grouch. Sesame Street might only be second to Saturday Night Live when it comes to guest appearances, so it makes sense that the famous cat would stop by for a visit.


Our favorite garbage can-dwelling muppet was, dare I say, excited to introduce his “new feline best friend, Grumpy Cat.” You see, Oscar’s sick of all the cute and cuddly cats and kittens on the Internet, and he clearly finds Grumpy Cat’s indifference to be delightful.


Grumpy Cat is a feline of few spoken words, but thankfully PBS provided viewers with some subtitles. Grumpy Cat baits Oscar by saying that the student has become the master and they decide that the only way to settle the dispute is a throwdown, grump versus grouch.


With furrowed brows and glaring eyes the two compete in a staring contest until Oscar just can’t take it anymore. He shouts “Stop!” and declares it a draw. I think viewers would agree that these characters are equal parts crabby and cute.


I echo Oscar’s closing sentiments when I say, “love it!”