The Hunger Games: A Funny Feline Tribute

Fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Nov. 22. The film, based on the hugely successful trilogy by Suzanne Collins, is anticipated to earn $140-150 million opening weekend. What’s a fan to do in the meantime? Search the Internet for pictures of Jennifer Lawrence’s new haircut and watch clever parodies, of course.

In this clever remake by the folks over at The Pet Collective, our favorite bow-wielding heroine, Katniss Everdeen, is played by… an actual cat. With Cliff’s Notes-like efficiency, the story is retold using cats and cardboard. The actual film, and the books on which they are based, can be intense at times. To make it’s version a little more PG, The Pet Collective replaces some of the actual trials of the game with more cat-specific feats. Adding to the hilarity is a diluted version of the dialogue, poorly drawn sets and props.
While the funny short film has a lot of great moments, I think the best use of actual events from the book to make a cat joke is at the 1:08 mark when the cat playing Peeta Mellark says, “Dogs chasing cats, eh? How original.” The cat playing Effie Trinket has to be my favorite feline featured because it looks the cat is speaking for a second when she delivers the infamous line, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Whether you’re a diehard Hunger Games fan or you think Peeta is something you dip in hummus, this funny little film is still likely to make you laugh.