Teaming Up to Fight Pet Obesity

Fetch! Pet Care, a growing dog walking, pet sitting and boarding franchise, has joined forces with natural pet food manufacturer Halo, Purely For Pets, to fight a growing—literally, growing—problem: pet obesity.

It is well known that people aren’t the only mammals fighting the battle of the bulge these days. Statistics reveal that more half of all dogs and cats in the U.S. are classified by veterinarians as overweight or obese. Paul Mann, the CEO/founder of Fetch! Pet Care, wants to arm pet owners with the tools to fight back.

Fetch! Pet Care, a nationwide service, along with Halo, has launched the Pet Shape Up Challenge, a Dog and Cat Weight Loss Program, to help people manage their pets’ weight and encourage healthy lifestyles for pets. The pilot program is kicking off in five major markets across the country, where select dogs and cats are participating in a 12-week program in which Fetch! and Halo will be prescribing a vet-approved daily exercise and nutritional regimen designed to help these pets safely shed the pounds and get to a target weight goal.

“Under the program, Fetch! dog walkers will walk the Challenge dogs five days a week, gradually increasing the length and pace of exercise in order to help them to get their heart rate up and burn more calories,” said Mann. “Likewise, Fetch! pet sitters will also visit cats five days a week and use laser pointers and other cat toys to get the pets up and moving. Ultimately, this daily exercise will increase their energy, stamina and metabolism.”
A resident nutritionist from Halo has also custom-designed the daily feeding routine of Halo pet food for each pet in order to control calorie intake and ensure the pet receives proper nutrition during the Challenge period. Owners are then coached on how to properly feed and exercise their pets as well during the challenge.
If the pilot is a success, Fetch! and Halo plan to roll out a national Pet Shape Up Challenge in the first quarter of 2014. 


Meet three of the dogs participating in the pilot program:


Wilbur Love

6 years old


Current weight: 50 lbs.

Goal weight: 35 lbs.





Age unknown

Pitt Bull

Current weight: 64 lbs.

Goal weight: 53 lbs.






Age unknown

Black Lab

Current weight: 87 lbs.

Goal weight: 80 lbs.




Check back for updates on Dixie, Wilbur and Bandit.