Lady Gaga Mourns Family Dog

Little monsters everywhere found time to send their condolences and words of support to Lady Gaga last week; the famous singer lost her dog of 17 years, Alice, to cancer. She tweeted the loss of her family’s beloved pet on Wednesday, expressing regret at not being able to be there when they put her down.

When it comes to pop stars, Lady Gaga is more in touch with her fans than most, so it’s not surprising to see them giving their support. And while most “Stars, they’re just like us!” pieces seem fluffier than a chow, this is the exception to that rule. When you lose a pet, you are losing a member of your family and it is important that you take the time to grieve.

The normally flamboyant singer was seen out in London wearing all black to reflect her state of mourning. Sometimes the only way to cope with the loss of one pet is to find comfort in another; Lady Gaga is fortunate enough to have Fozzi, a cockapoo she adopted back in August of 2012. The singer has since been photographed around the globe with him.


So, what are some other ways that a pet owners, famous or not, can deal with this type of loss? They can memorialize their pets by engraving a stone to keep in the yard. They can create online memorial pages. They can capture the pets’ image on jewelry or in a painting—and there is always the option of taxidermy. The most important thing is that a pet owner takes the time to mourn their loss in the way that is right for them.