Top Tweets

Pet Business offers a look at some notable social media posts from pet specialty retailers, as well as our own commentary on what we think makes these posts work. Here are some recent examples:




Why it works: The above Twitter post demonstrates that the owners of Healthy Spot understand the value of venturing out beyond the four walls of their stores to promote their brand. This appearance at a local farmer’s market surely exposed potential new customers to Healthy Spot and its lineup of wholesome products and services—and promoting it via social media was a great way to draw current customers to the event.





Why it works: Freshening up a store’s merchandising scheme can go a long way in drawing customers’ interest. In the West Lebanon Feed & Supply’s case, the reset of the wild bird department was timely, as it came in early autumn, when bird enthusiasts are gearing up to entice feathered friends to their backyard feeders.





Why it works: Taking a cue from the fact that one of Fromm Family Foods’ unique sales propositions is that it has been a family-owned and operated business for over 100 years, Pet Pangaea is promoting one of its popular food brands by Tweeting out a link to a profile that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published about the Fromm family and its healthy, nutritious diets.