Governor Insurance Offers Canine-Cough Coverage

Governor Insurance has expanded its scope to offer canine-cough coverage to the entire pet industry, including its 5,000-plus current policyholders.


Governor has partnered with the Hanover Insurance Group to offer the new coverage, which the company says is the only one of its kind, nationwide. Designed by company president Bob Thompson, the coverage will protect businesses from the loss of income due to operational suspension, veterinary costs, the expense of cleaning and disinfecting facilities, and costs associated with restoring the business and its reputation following a canine-cough-related event.


“Being in the pet insurance industry since 1986, I continue to find it necessary to design and develop the coverage needs of our clients and the industry as a whole,” said Thompson.


“In 1985, having worked with Jeff Reynolds of the NDGAA, I designed and developed the professional liability and pet care, custody and control coverage. In 1998, working with the concerns of various mobile manufacturers and industry members, I also designed and developed the mobile grooming insurance, protection for van/trailer conversions and loss of income coverage. Now, as of Oct. 1, I am proud to announce that coverage for loss from Kennel Cough is exclusively available through our agency.”