Mulligan Stew Partners with Snake River K9

Mulligan Stew has partnered with Snake River K9, a Jackson Hole, Wyo.-based security dog training company.


Snake River K9 was founded in Kenya, and specializes in highly trained family and personal protection dogs, search and rescue dogs, and dogs for individuals with PTSD. Snake River K9 is providing Mulligan Stew food to be fed to dogs who are working on a search and rescue capability dog-rescue program they have formed with the Ugandan government.


"It's thrilling to be partnered with such a sophisticated and experienced security dog training facility," said Diane Peterson, Mulligan Stew's chief sales and marketing officer.


"It's a true testament to our product, that it's working so well, and keeping these highly trained, high-performance dogs in the best condition possible. Mulligan Stew's formula is known for helping detox a dog's body and with the various environmental missions these hard working dogs encounter, Mulligan Stew helps the dog's body create an 'internal protection barrier' from many toxic conditions."