Dog-Friendly Dining Event Sets World Record

Who says dogs and their human counterparts can’t dine together? Certainly not Chef Michael's, a Purina dog food brand that strongly believes that mealtime is a moment worth sharing with your dog—a philosophy that recently inspired the company to bring hundreds of humans and their dogs together for the world’s largest dog-friendly communal dining event.

A world-record-earning 224 people and 120 dogs joined Chef Michael's at the PetFest in Bridgehampton, N.Y., last month to establish the world record for the Largest Dog-Friendly Communal Dining event. And the record is on the books—officials from were on-hand to officiate.

“We worked with Chef Rocco DiSpirito to design the menu for humans, and we had the Chef Michael’s food truck available to provide food for all of the dogs that came,” says Niky Roberts, Chef Michael’s brand representative. “The dogs got something that was nutritionally balanced and that they love and enjoy, and they get to hang out with their humans, and the humans got to spend time with like-minded people who are also dog owners that value spending quality time with their dog. It was really a great time.”

The event coincided with the end of Chef Michael’s nationwide food truck tour, which was inspired by the popularity of the human food truck dining experience. “As a brand who is very inspired by the human-food experience we tried to bring that to the dogs in a way that is designed for them,” Roberts says.

Since 2012, the truck has stopped at popular food truck destinations around the country to provide dogs their own food truck dining experience. Throughout the tour, Chef Michael’s made frequent stops at local pet and grocery stores. The tour is currently on hiatus, but fans can follow Chef Michael’s Facebook page for updates on where the truck is heading next.