The Joys of Office Dogs

It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. While some of the nation’s employees are only able to enjoy having their dogs cuddled under their desks once a year, many in the pet industry benefit from working alongside their dogs on a daily basis. With that in mind, I asked several pet product manufacturers to dish on how their office dogs enhance the workplace every day.




Dave, Dog Gone Smart

Adopting Dave at the 2012 Global Pet Expo was so exciting for many reasons. First and foremost, he is a people person and has the outgoing personality of a Dog Gone Smart team member. He’s great in front of the camera and is already a star—he’s been featured on Good Morning America with Jill Rapapport and in Dog Gone Smart trade and consumer advertising. Dave is happily part of the Dog Gone Smart family!

Dave brings a smile to each and every person who comes through the office doors. He’s quick to greet you, tail wagging and all, and loves attention. Adopting Dave has inspired us to remind the pet community how many dogs and cats still need safe and loving homes. In redesigning our 2014 catalog, Dog Gone Smart has used all rescue dogs in our product photography, hoping to grow awareness for different rescue groups throughout the U.S. and the animals still available for adoption.

— Emily Zampello, marketing manager at Dog Gone Smart




Subii and Coopa, Pet Loo

What makes our office dogs special is they're true certified therapy dogs. As cliché as this may sound, they really make our days at the office go by fast and keep a smile on our faces. Our office environment is fantastic as is, but having furry friends that have nothing but unconditional love for you seems to make a huge difference through the day. I'll take little breaks just to say hi to them or take them with me when I walk to lunch. It really makes my days go faster when their here with me in the office.

— Julianna Ferretti, Pet Loo





Bebe and Cece, Bobbi Panter Pet Products

Bebe and Cece, our shampoo spokesmodels, are full sisters from separate litters, and they make our work environment less stressful. They are a joy and are happy to see everyone—especially the mailman. And if we need to relax, they are always there for a hug. They love to be in their beds or by the front door, so they can look out the window.  When the mailman rings the bell, they go berserk for about 30 seconds then go back to sleep. They have done their job.

— Bobbi Panter, owner and creator of Bobbi Panter Pet Products 





Momo, P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You)

While Momo is certainly a bit of a diva—I believe it has to do with all the pampering from us—she gives us endless joy and laughter every day. She thinks she is a big dog and can outwit human when it comes to getting treats, usually by looking really sad or cute.  She starts her day by doing her round in the office, making sure there are no leftovers—anything edible—and that everyone has patted her and given her a treat. Then she will go about her job of testing our beds very seriously, often with some unmistakable pug-snore. She loves to be where the other office dogs are. Momo is certainly possessive of all the beds in office, and she wants the one that the other dog is lying on. Also, she loves sitting by the window and people-watch sometimes.

— Will Chen, founder and CEO of P.L.A.Y.




Taro, The Honest Kitchen

Having a pet friendly office full time is immensely rewarding for our whole team. We're a group of animal lovers, and including our dogs as a truly integral part of our daily work lives helps keep us focused on what we're all working towards—namely making a positive difference in their lives, and in our industry as a whole.

— Lucy Postin, founder of The Honest Kitchen