Swheat Scoop Lauches Litter for Litters

Swheat Scoop has launched its shelter program, Litter for Litters. The brand will donate one-pound of its natural, wheat-based litter—up to 10,000 pounds per program partner—in honor of each new Swheat Scoop Facebook fan.


The company will partner with different standout animal organizations in three-month intervals, and will kick off the program with Minneapolis-based Pet Project Rescue as its first partner.


"The more we are able to facilitate the basic needs of shelters, like Pet Project Rescue, the more they can focus on what they do best—fostering abandoned animals and helping them find their forever homes," said Mark Hughes, national sales and marketing manager of Pet Care Systems, makers of Swheat Scoop.


Litter for Litters will be an ongoing program and will announce its next shelter partner and benefactor on Sept. 17. "We look forward to the Litters for Litters program having a long life with far reaching benefits for animal organizations," Hughes said.