Social Media Strategies

This month, Pet Business introduces a new regular feature that looks at how various pet retail businesses across the country are effectively using social media to engage their customer base. Below you will find three examples of recent stand-out tweets from pet retailers, accompanied by a brief commentary on why we've decided to single them out.





Why it works: With this post on Twitter, Pet Food Express not only promoted the self-service pet wash facilities in its Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Concord and Danville stores, it also calls attention to the chain’s charitable efforts, which are a major emphasis.








Why it works: There is no obvious promotion here—neither coupon nor sale. This isn’t a hard sell of anything. But it is a feel-good post that calls attention to the bond between pet and owner, and demonstrates Wolfgang’s appreciation for that bond.








Why it works: Addressing new followers—and even their pets—directly is a great way to give a retailer’s social media presence a personal touch. Add an invitation to visit the store and a hint that they will be rewarded for the visit and you have a home run.




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