Phillips Acquires PFX Pet Supply, Pet Food Limited
Phillips Pet Food and Supplies will acquire PFX Pet Supply and its sister companies Pet Food Limited (PFL) and Pet Food Limited Colorado on June 1, according to a letter addressed to customers.

The union will benefit from PFX-PFL's commitment to personalized service combined with Phillip's extensive product variety, infrastructure and technology, according to top officials of the organizations. The newly integrated company will be able to offer increased sales support, inventory management, marketing and promotional tools, they add.

"The two companies enjoy similar philosophies and respect the importance of the independent channel," said the letter, which was signed by Blaine Phillips of Phillips, and Bern Levine and Ced Damby, both of PFX Pet Supply/ Pet Food Limited. "Our goal and mission will remain sustaining the health of the pet specialty channel. We truly believe a major component of this goal is providing increased availability of products and services from a single, trusted distribution partner." 

The organizations will operate in the same manner as before, with both owners remaining actively involved. Blaine Phillips will continue as CEO of Phillips, and Damby will serve as president of West Coast operations and lead the veterinary division.


In March, Phillips acquired Brentwood, N.Y.-based Royal Pet Supplies.