PetHub Adds NFC Wireless Technology to Pet ID Tags

PetHub, Inc., released the next generation of its pet identification tags, which combine Near-Field Communication (NFC) chips, QR codes, web addresses and a traditional toll-free phone number to help lost pets get home faster.


NFC technology is short-range wireless communication technology based on Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) that enables mobile devices to connect and transfer data by touching them together or bringing them to close proximity.


The four capabilities can be used to immediately and safely access a pet's critical data, including multiple emergency contact phone numbers, critical medications, license and rabies tag information, microchip number, vaccinations, pet medical insurance status and more.


"We all have cell phones and over 60 percent of us have ‘Smartphones’ equipped with cameras, GPS, web browsers, and more. Our tags provide a lifeline to anyone with a phone to an animal’s critical data to keep it safe,” said Tom Arnold, PetHub's founder and CEO.