PetSafe Debuts indigo Treats

PetSafe ( has introduced a line of super premium treats for dogs. indigo treats contain USA-created wholesome and healthy ingredients. The line features three options: indigo Smokehouse Strips, Fresh Family and Triple Chews.


Smokehouse Strips are made with 95-percent real chicken or beef and are vacuum-sealed for safety and freshness. The treats are available in 3- and 6-oz. packages.

The Fresh Family is a four-step dental system that offers pet parents an alternative to brushing a dog's teeth. indigo Fresh Gel, available in eucalyptus and peppermint flavors, can be added to a dog's food bowl. The Fresh Biscuit works to keep plaque and tartar away, while Fresh Sticks are a longer lasting chew that cleans right down to the gums. Additionally, Fresh Floss Bones help keep a dog's teeth and mouth in shape, and all indigo Fresh products are rich in antioxidants to support immune-system health.


Triple Chews offer two pet-pleasing textures and three healthy benefits in one long-lasting snack. Each blue "clever-bone" is infused with immune-system boosting antioxidants, with a chewy texture that helps clean gums and teeth. The chews also feature a moist strip packed with probiotics for proper digestive health.