What’s Victoria’s Secret?

If passion is contagious, then a number of people are likely to have left Victoria Stilwell’s presentation at this year’s Global Pet Expo infected with the bug.


The American Pet Product Association’s  Professional Women's Network (PWN) filled up a good number of seats at its Expo breakfast this year, as women and several men attended the event to hear Stilwell speak. She delivered an address clearly meant to inspire. She chronicled her journey to where she is today—the host of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, an advocate of positive-reinforcement dog training, author and more. Stilwell also shared a dizzying litany of current plans, future ventures and partnerships that all complement her one overriding goal—to promote positive-enforcement training. And frankly, it sounded, well, exhausting.

Stilwell at Global Pet Expo 2013.


So what’s her secret? Passion. Motivation. And a clear, concise focus that guides her decisions and keeps her on track. So while Stilwell dabbles in using every platform she can access to expound her philosophy and perhaps expand her empire, her singular drive and focus both stabilizes her and fuels her, making her journey powerful and unwavering. And her journey and passion can be an inspiration to us all.