A Super Bowl of Puppies

Yeah, sure, the glorious rough and tumble sounds of football will be blaring through millions of households on Sunday, when the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens square off in Super Bowl XLVII. But there is another Bowl expected to draw millions of viewers, capitalizing on a different American obsession: puppies!


The ninth-annual Puppy Bowl will air at 3:00 p.m. this Sunday in all time zones, proving once again that Americans just love dogs. The show oozes cuteness as clusters of puppies “play” American football, egged on by hedgehog cheerleaders. Not to be outdone by the puppies, kittens will exude their own brand of adorable during the half-time show.


It’s frivolous fun that, according to one recent report, seems to have a more significant impact. To put things in perspective, it is important to note that last year’s Puppy Bowl drew 10 million viewers over five airings, Wikipedia reports—clearly, it is becoming a popular and highly anticipated American event. What’s more important is that according to an AP story run this week by several news agencies, animal shelters reap great rewards following the airing of the show.


People driven by heart-melting images of adorable puppies and kittens, apparently, flock to nearby shelters to find dogs to bring home. The show itself uses shelter animals in the making of the Puppy Bowl and airs information on how the pets can be adopted.


The good news for pet specialty retailers is something most already know, but is always nice to hear—the demand for puppies, and therefore, dog supplies is thriving. The love affair between people and dogs is strong, and it continues to drive sales, adoptions, and if we are being honest, puppy sales, as well—and probably for quite some time to come.