Distributor Announcements: November 2012

RFG (rfgdistributing.com) has added 15 new vendors to its distribution channel. American Farms (Premium Pet Health), Animal Essentials, Grizzly, Happy Howie’s, Heartland Premium, K9 Natural, Nootie, Natura (Missouri and Kansas markets), QT Dog, Simply Pine, Synergy Labs, Timberwolf (Sport It), Wapiti Labs, Wigzi and Zymox (Pet King Brands) are the latest additions. RFG will distribute these brands throughout its 14-state Midwestern distribution area.

Zymox Enzymatic Dermatology Products (zymox.com) has added Royal Pet Supply as a new distributor. Royal Pet Supply will serve the eastern United States. Zymox products have gained popularity due to the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections, as well as an increased number of pets suffering from the complications of allergies, such as itchy, irritated or infected ears and skin.

John Stazko, owner of Stazko & Associates (stazko.com), has announced that the company’s brand of coat and skin care products are available through eight distributors. 
Buyers can find Stazko products through PetEdge’s national catalog; Blue Ribbon Grooming Supplies in Florida; Deboer Grooming Supplies in Ontario; Groomers Mall in Virginia; Jeannie Works in Nebraska; King Scott (dba Groomers Depot) in Texas; MDC Romani in Pennsylvania; and Pet-Agree Grooming Supplies in Georgia.

Pet Palette (petpalette.com) has added two new manufacturers to its distribution network. Beer Bones, an all-natural, USA-made treat made from spent grains from a brewery, and Christmas-themed scrunchy collars by Huxley & Kent are now available through Pet Palette. 

Whole Life Pet Products (wholelifepet.com) added Siemer Enterprises as a distributor. Siemer Enterprises will distribute the Whole Life brand in the Midwest. Whole Life Pet makes single-ingredient pure protein treats for cats and dogs. The treats are sourced in the USA from USDA-inspected meats.

Lone Star Pet Supply has acquired Pet Pointe Distributing, a regional distributor of Canidae Natural Pet Food Products. Lone Star Pet Supply is a wholesale distributor of premium pet foods and supplies servicing independent retailers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.


“Lone Star Pet Supply is already a key distributor of our complete lines of Canidae, Felidae and Equidae products,” said Frank Hon, director of operations for Canidae. “We’re excited about the strong, customer-oriented programs and services the experienced team at Lone Star brings to the table for existing Pet Pointe customers and all of the south central United States as we continue to grow the brands.”