Industry Vet Launches Coast 2 Coast Distribution

A longtime distributor has begun his next venture in the pet industry. Kurt Hansen, the former owner of Silver Star Pet, launched Coast 2 Coast wholesale pet products in April.


After his business partner, Jim Tomkinson, passed away last year, Hansen decided to start anew with Coast 2 Coast.


“We’re doing the same thing [as Silver Star], but with a new name and a new building,” Hansen says.
Coast 2 Coast is currently working with 13 vendors and plans to expand every month. “We have 25 independent reps on the road, all over the country writing orders,” he says. “If [retailers] need a rep to come in, they can order that way, or they can order online [at].”


Coast 2 Coast does not have a minimum order, and orders made by noon (PST) will ship same day. The company ships all over the U.S., and if retailers reach $150 on their order, it pays for shipping.


Hansen, who has been distributing out of southern California for 20 years, says he’s excited about the future of Coast 2 Coast. “We’re looking forward to continuing to bring unique and different products as we find them at a good price, and continuing to grow slowly, but surely.”