Study: Website Quality Affects Consumer Confidence

PHILADELPHIA–Consumers continue to have increasingly high expectations for company websites. Forty-five percent of consumers believe that a bad website is worse than a business having no website at all, according to the Virtual Main Street Survey conducted by 1&1 Internet Inc., a company that offers web-based solutions such as website designs, web hosting and web marketing.


“For the business owner, communication is the biggest part of their job,” says Lauren Whiston, manager at 1&1 Internet. “If [retailers] want to have a website, it’s to their benefit to take a few extra minutes to go through the content and add special features, because having something that’s not quality and not putting the best forward can do more damage than good.”


The study found that 35 percent of consumers walked away from a company with a poorly designed website. Whiston says business owners can evaluate the quality of their website by reading through the content and checking for common errors such as spelling mistakes or broken links that would turn a consumer off to the brand.


Whiston says pet specialty retailers should include a lot of visuals, a contact form and a link to social media on the company’s website. 1&1 Internet offers several website builders including the MyWebsite design platform that would help retailers achieve these goals.


“We offer a large variety of different designs and those include the basics of what every pet retail website would have, and [retailers] have an open form to produce content, edit and create as they want.”