Central Upgrades Bio Spot with Applicator

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.–Central Garden & Pet has launched the Bio Spot Smart Shield Applicator, a topical flea- and tick-control device with a patent-pending design that provides a more convenient and secure way to protect pets from fleas and ticks.


The Smart Shield applicator allows pet owners to apply the fast-acting product to their pets, while keeping the liquid off their hands. The applicator has a specially designed tip to part hair and help get the treatment down to the pet’s skin.


“Last year, we launched Bio Spot Defense Flea & Tick Spot On topical, which starts killing fleas and ticks within 15 minutes of application and stops the flea life cycle,” said Steve LeVeau, director of marketing for animal health at Central Garden & Pet. “We are thrilled to be making Bio Spot Defense products even better with the Bio Spot Smart Shield Application. Now, not only can pet owners effectively treat their pets for fleas and ticks, but they can also treat them securely and with confidence.”


The applicator is species-specific and reduces the risk for product misapplication in mixed dog/cat households. It is available for both cats and dogs.