Petlinks Products Work to Fit Specific Needs

SAN RAFAEL, Calif.–Worldwise has introduced the Petlinks System, a product line created specifically for the pet specialty channel, which includes cat toys, cat-scratch products, cat and dog beds, catnip and treats, and litter accessories.


“Our Petlinks System educates the consumer and identifies specific needs to help consumers select the best products for their pets,” said Shannon McWilliams, vice president of product development at Worldwise. “It’s great for retailers too, as the education our packaging provides drives multiple sales.”


The Petlinks line aims to educate pet owners about their pet’s 12 essential needs and offers products to meet those needs. Those essentials include: nutrition, rest, stimulation, safety, exercise, hygiene, independence, treats, interaction, hunt, privacy and scratch.


The packaging also includes an EcoAdvantages label that identifies environmental advantages of each product. Petlinks products typically contain recycled, reclaimed or renewable resources, or certified organic ingredients.


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