Ferrera Farms Unveils Supplement Line

WOOD DALE, Ill.–Ferrera Farms Naturals has introduced Bee the Best, a new line of herbal supplements for dogs. The supplements feature exotic Brazilian Red Propolis, a natural substance produced by honeybees, using a mix of tree sap, beeswax and natural oils that is rich in antioxidants and isoflavonoids. The line was developed under the supervision of botanical expert Dr. Jeffry Lee, DVM.


“Red Propolis is one of the most powerful substances found in nature,” Dr. Lee said. “By combining it with other herbs, vitamins and natural ingredients, we can provide dogs with a complete range of health benefits.”


The line features four products: Hip & Joints to support and maintain joint function and flexibility, and to fight inflammation; Immunity to support and maintain a dog’s health; Relaxing to reduce anxiety and calms dogs in stressful situations; and Skin & Coat to help keep skin healthy and coats shiny.


For more information, visit www.ferrerafarmsnaturals.com.